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Unravelling the Beta Pictoris System
Picsat is: alive?
Number of telemetry packets received today:
Last beacon satellite:
2023-05-10 11:57:48 UTC

Last beacon payload:
2022-07-31 17:13:24 UTC

Uplink is not active
Downlink is not active

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ESO Press Releases

Two Families of Comets Found Around Nearby Star: Biggest census ever of exocomets around Beta Pictoris (22 October 2014). ESO1432 - Science Release .
Exoplanet Caught on the Move (10 June 2010). ESO1024 — Science Release .
Beta Pictoris planet finally imaged? (21 November 2008). ESO0842 - Science Release .
New Detailed Image of the Disk around Beta Pictoris (11 June 1997). ESO9714 — Photo Release .
Possible Planetary System Photographed Around Nearby Star (5 January 1987). ESO8701 — Science Release .

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Beta Pictoris
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