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Unravelling the Beta Pictoris System
Picsat is: alive?
Number of telemetry packets received today:
Last beacon satellite:
2023-05-10 11:57:48 UTC

Last beacon payload:
2022-07-31 17:13:24 UTC

Uplink is not active
Downlink is not active

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Your email address will be used to send you a confirmation code to validate your account. This address must be valid. Your geographical position will only be used by our pass prediction tool, which let you know when PicSat passes above your head. We may also use it with our operation scheduling tools if you want to contribute to the mission by receiving science data.

This data are stored on a server owned by the Paris Observatory, and located in Meudon, France. They will not be disclosed to any third party.

If you have a working ground station, able to receive (D)BPSK 435.525 Mhz, and/or are ineterested in participating to our mission by receiving data, please let us know!

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